oh you’re playing pokemon? i love that game. the way they just [clenches fist] poke all those frickin mons.

Friend Safaris

Currently looking for a Friend Safari with Mightyena in it. If you have one, please let me trade FCs!

Mine is 2492-4403-5665


Wow, the new season of kill la kill looks great.

Album: TH11: Subterranean Animism

Play Count: 2279


Touhou 11   (Green-Eyed Jealousy)

—English fanlyrics—


I feel in my cold heart a rift grown between us.

If I only could bridge this gap, wouldn’t that be enough?

Or would I need to go farther?


No, I—  I know I can’t go where you go, where you go.

This world, after all, is unfair.  I’ll even the odds; that much I know.


I know you despise me, don’t lie; the dealt damage is done.

But, if I can hate you more strongly, then will I have won?


  These feelings will not disappear; that much is clear.

  Even buried so deep, there is something that’s connecting us here.


  I’ll keep you from crossing, a loss for a loss.  Look me in the eyes—

  We’ll be on the same level.  I’ll bring you down, down to my size.


For better or worse, if I hold this guard, I can be sure:

Someday, no one even will try to cross here anymore…




Im pretty confident that I could draw well if I cared about drawing enough to do so

yu say you have nice tits??? can we have a pic?? i am actually an extreme tit enthusiast. i love those birds. so gorgeous



great tits ;)


put “top five” anything in my ask and i will answer ok go